Our "How"

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If we're going to tell the world you "can period.' We also feel obligated and inspired to contribute to the "how." 

Spirit of CAN. mission: Inspire individuals to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN. while contributing to mental wellness education through messaging and the establishment of the Science of CAN. 

10% or MORE of Spirit of CAN.,LLC profits support individuals, organizations/clubs, and to Science of CAN. operations. 

 Today's equivalent of the Science of CAN. within the mental wellness establishment is the theory of "positive psychology." For us it's best summarized as how to stay stoked. 

To help people stay stoked and defeat the "can't" in their lives we have been meeting our mission through messaging, supporting people, and organizations who align with our mission. Every order includes a goal card and CAN. ask for help sticker. Keep reading for the bigger goal and plans..

As part of our mission to inspire people to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN., we encourage the practice of writing down goals. For the journey, not the results.

Goal card with CAN purchase

When the "can't" becomes too much ask for help!

Ask for help sticker

We've also had several opportunities to collaborate and even present concepts of the brand to schools, non-profits, and other groups. Always free and with free gear to stoke people out.  

CAN school presentations

Our ultimate goal for the Science of CAN. is to establish and deliver our own curriculum and programing to teens and young adults. We launched a pilot program in the summer of 2022. Learn More

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Learn more here about the Science of CAN. Mission and Founders.