Defeating Can't Podcast

Welcome to the Defeating Can't Podcast,  Ignited by the roots of a remarkable journey that began in 2017. What began as a strategy for professional and personal achievement evolved into a local apparel brand across Hawai'i, resonating nationally and internationally. Beyond clothing, my journey delved into psychology, a passion for mental health, suicide prevention, and the science behind optimizing human performance—the "Science of CAN." - Andy

This podcast features interviews with friends, family, and inspired individuals from Kaua'i, and throughout the CAN. world, all united in our collective journey to conquer self-defeating thoughts. We refuse to surrender to a life veiled in quiet desperation, as aptly put by Thoreau. Instead, this concept, our business, and this podcast endeavors to contribute a verse, however modest, to enrich lives. Join me as we explore defeating limitations and embracing the Spirit of "CAN."

Remember, the discussions and concepts discussed in this podcast are for informational purposes only. If the 'can't" in your mind ever becomes too much, we encourage you to consult with a qualified professional. CAN. Ask for Help.


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