It’s about defeating “can’t” / “no can” daily.

In a world where “CAN’T” often dominates the spotlight in our minds, “CAN” is the counter thought we have to consciously choose to focus on in order to persevere.

“In late 2016, I decided I needed a word for my life, to overcome self-defeating thoughts and to pursue my potential. CAN with a giant period is what I wrote down.

The idea started out of a garage in Koloa Town, Hawaii with just a few t-shirts and hats for friends. It has now grown into a local Kauai, Hawaii apparel brand supporting local organizations and individuals in pursuit of their CAN. Our goal is to share this simple, yet powerful and universal statement with the world to help people realize their potential.

 We’re not going to be another lifestyle brand, we're a brand about life.

 - Andy Bestwick Founder of the Spirit of CAN.

Founder owner Spirit of CAN.

While the Spirit of CAN. is within everyone, we want to help you discover how to find and apply it in your life. We want you to "Believe in the Spirit of CAN."

Our mission: Inspire individuals to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN. while contributing to mental wellness education through messaging and the establishment of the Science of CAN. 

This is why we are steadily developing the Science of CAN. Today's equivalent of the Science of CAN. within the mental wellness establishment would be the focus area of social and emotional learning (SEL). For us it's best summarized as how to stay stoked. 

Your purchases of apparel will contribute towards our commitment to give at least 10% of our profits to mental wellness organizations and educational programs including the Science of CAN. 

Please contact us with any questions or inspiration at info@spiritofcan.com