What's this brand all about?

It's about defeating "can't" / "no can" daily.

We say:  

We have an old saying in Hawaii, “if can, can, if no can, no can”. Basically it means that if you can do something then do it, if you can’t do something you won’t do it.

The world has unfortunately tipped the scales towards “can’t” / “no can” in many of our minds far too frequently. This includes me (Andy) the founder of Spirit of CAN.

In late 2016 I decided I needed a word for my life, to overcome self defeating thoughts, and engage in life. CAN with the giant period is what I wrote down. The idea started with just a few shirts and hats for friends, and has grown into a local apparel brand supporting local organizations & individuals in pursuit of their CAN.  Our goal is to share this powerful one word statement with the world.

As we follow our mission to defeat "can't" / "no can" daily, please join us @spiritofcan for continued stoke and @scienceofcan for our "how and why".   

Spirit of CAN., LLC is located on the island of Kaua`i in the state of Hawai`i. The CAN. brand finds it's inspiration from the uplifting people and healing experiences that Hawai`i presents to us on a daily basis.  


How we're defeating "can't" / "no can" Daily:

We realize that getting outside and experiencing Hawai`i  is not always enough to combat the self defeating thoughts of “can’t” and "no can" that enter our minds.  So, as part of our mission to "inspire individuals to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN.", we encourage people to learn about their minds in order to find balance and follow their purpose.  We also encourage people to ask for help when they need it.  We call this the Science of CAN.   

To do our part, we will continue to talk about and message the Science of CAN. and direct 10% of all our profits to mental wellness organizations and educational programs.  

CAN. Mission Statement:  Inspire individuals to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN. while supporting mental wellness organizations who are dedicated to education, removal of stigma, access to care, and those perpetuating maximum STOKAGE!

Blog post about CAN. Mission 

Apparel available Online and at Deja Vu Surf shops on Kauai. 

Mahalo Nui Loa