“Never let a good pandemic go to waste”

We don’t know who said it first, but it’s how we have to look at this whole situation in order to maintain our spirit of CAN. Since March all of us have been trying to navigate the landscape of “can’t” in our lives and minds related to the new realities established by COVID-19.

We've been promoting the importance of staying safe. Don't stop!

We launched the CANdemic campaign with giveaways.

We also just started to listen to what all our fellow humans beings are going through. We did this via an interview series coined the CANversation hosted by Seth Womble . It's a simple but powerful collection stories from the CAN. ohana, ambassadors, friends, and business partners.

The common denominator of all these interviews is that humans are resilient. One of the academic philosophies the CAN. brand leverages is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

A simple premise that we all have basic human needs of health, safety, love, and esteem. These needs must be nurtured to find balance and pursue your personal CAN./ purpose. Through the CANversation we have lots of examples of how humans are fighting to maintain this balance. Our next phase is to put some of these examples into practice. So, we’re launching the #30daysofCAN campaign.

We are asking people to set a 30 day goal in one or all of the categories of the basic needs. One fact that is fairly consistent of the pandemic for most of us, is that we’ve all been given more time back to in our lives. We’re at home a lot or little more. We don’t have events, sports, parties, and other obligations. It’s time we take advantage of this time and ensure we’re taking care of our own basic needs! Hence, “never let a good pandemic go to waste”. It doesn't have to be an epic goal, just something to get you engaged and out of the mindset of "can't" / "no can". 

Please join us by posting your 30 day goal(s) on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag us and #30daysofCAN.  

My #30daysofCAN

Health – Drink 24 oz. of water every morning. Simple but something I neglect to do. 

Safety – 30 days of reading about personal finance. Adding confidence and security for my future.  

Love – 20 second daily ohana hug. Yep, a 20 second hug for the whole family to enjoy a nice oxytocin release. 

Esteem – Ride my bike 30 days straight. Something I love and brings confidence and esteem.

“Goals that are not written down are just wishes” – unknown

Another best practice we leverage is handwriting goals. It works every time for us. It’s why you get a free goal card with every purchase. You don't need one of our cards. Just grab one of your kid’s flash cards. But, write it down!! Put it on your mirror, under your pillow, or our sweet spot on the dash of our Tacoma.

Mahalo for continuing to stay safe and stoked!

- Andy B. 

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