(3PE) Pau hana Personal Protective Equipment

(3PE) Pau hana Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 will certainly change the world as we know it. As we all work at staying home, safe, and stoked... We also have to keep the creative juices flowing. The creativity of the business community adapting their products to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and essential workers has been nothing short of inspiring. Our design team is not immune to the creativity. We fully admit our cabin fever and occasional day drinking has had an interesting impact on our creativity. As we see the many (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment solutions coming out we can't help but want to take part. As we researched how to help defeat the virus, we learned about the antimicrobial properties of copper. When influenzas bacteria like E-coli, superbugs like MRSA, or even coronaviruses land on most hard surfaces, they can live for up to four to five days. But when they land on copper, and copper alloys like brass, they begin to die within minutes and are undetectable in within hours. Just about at the moment of this google search, it also happen to be "pau hana" time in Hawaii. It's when we celebrate a hard days work with an adult beverage. The business community in Hawaii is doing an amazing job contributing funding and production of PPE gear, to meet the needs of our community. We are a very small apparel business with limited capital and production capacity. Our mission during the pandemic has always been about messaging and keeping people positive. So, we decided to have some fun and come out with what we're calling the "P3E" Pau hana Personal Protective Equipment! We have produced 50 of these cups, with the sole purpose of giving them away to essential workers in Hawaii.

We will not be selling this product on our site. Just a one time giveaway (we'll see how it goes:) 

After a long day of heroics safety should not be a question for our front-line workers. This giveaway will happen on instagram @nakz_music live concert on April 25th at 5:30 PM. 

Spirit of CAN., LLC makes no specific claims of health benefits or protection against illness regarding this product or any other. 

 We have to WIN Hawaii!


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  • Jeff Palmer

    Andy, will you be selling these copper mugs?? :-)

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