Science of CAN. Goal Card

As part of our mission to inspire people to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN., we encourage the practice of writing down your goals.  

If you have arrived at this page, it's most likely because you scanned the QR code on your collector series goal card that arrived inside your order from Spirit of CAN. or at a Deja Vu Surf shop on Kauai. 

First ever Science of CAN. camp for teens (Summer 2022)

Kili Taniguchi, Nia Pablo, Aarya Tabalno, Cole Diamond, Travis Wood

The goal card you just received is a shared goal with the founder of the Spirit of CAN., Andy Bestwick and his good friend Matt Shackley. Their goal was to establish an entity to educate people on what Andy calls the Science of CAN.  Basically our "how" for the brand. Brands often talk about their "why", Spirit of CAN. is focused on the "how." We specifically want to develop tools and curriculum overcome self defeating "can't" thoughts. 


 Thanks to Andy's good friend and fellow 2017 Leadership Kauai classmate, Joslyn Wong, the first ever Science of CAN. camp was held on Kauai in the summer of 2022. Joslyn learned of Andy and Matt's goal and showed them the way to getting the program off the ground! Joslyn is also the founder of her own education platform and programming: 

 About the pilot summer camp:

Our mission is the Science of CAN. This means mental wellness, stoke and knowing when to ask for help. We had a big goal of providing more of this in our community, especially in teens and young adults. We are stoked to announce the very first Science of CAN. camp here on Kaua’i and the follow through with our goal.

The camp took place over 4 days this summer, and each day they worked with the CAN. team. They learned new ways to live life to the fullest and implement mental wellness. Alongside the focus of implementing a positive mindset, the campers will be designing a t-shirt. They blended creativity, design and technology to create a shirt that represents Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kauai, and their tagline “Defenders of Potential.”

The design incorporates the CAN. logo. The design the kids came up with will be presented to the BBBS executive team and board of directors. Once approved their design will be worn by their supporters and mentors, and move throughout the community.

It all started when we wrote down the goal to bring the Science of CAN. to teens and young adults. We are thankful to bring this camp to Kaua’i and spend time with the future. This is possible with the help of our awesome customers, team and believing in CAN.


The goal card art depicts a Science of CAN. leader (Matt Shackley - future Executive Director) taking kids/ young adults on journey up a mountain, maybe Kokee on Kauai or maybe somewhere in Colorado. Along the journey they're collecting the basic human needs of health, safety, esteem, and love. One of Andy's favorite theories of psychology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  

We sincerely hope this simple concept nudges you in the direction of writing down you own goal, and going on a focused personal journey.