We love stoke chasers! But, even more so those who distribute the stoke!

We love stoke chasers! But, even more so those who distribute the stoke!

A few months back we heard about this really cool athlete from Kauai High School who decided to start her own running club on Kauai. Emma Burgess, a stand out distance runner at Kauai High School, was inspired to establish Run Club Kauai to help fill the puka that was created when high school sports were interrupted by the pandemic. Some of us at Spirit of CAN. have our own running/ cross country backgrounds. So we definitely understand the stoke, or what we like to call the "runners high." To understand the stoke is one thing. But, when someone steps out of their own zone to help others experience the stoke.. That's automatically living with the Spirit of CAN.

Andy from Spirit of CAN. with Emma from Run Club Kauai

Emma Burgess (in frame) is the founder of @runclubkauai Run Club Kauai and Andy Bestwick founder of the Spirit of CAN. 

As best as we are able to we help sponsor this awesome non-profit, with prizes for their races and a small sponsorship to help get them some club shirts. 


CAN. DRAW STRING BAGSpirit of CAN. sponsor package

“I wanted to start the Run Club because there was a need in the community for more opportunities for youth runners,” Emma said. “Just seeing that there is community building, and that this club is part of it is just so rewarding.”

Run Club Kauai race

Run Club Kauai at Kukuiolono Golf Course

Run Club Kauai was founded by Emma Burgess and her amazing parents Keith and Charlene. For more information on upcoming events or how to help support their mission, please email them at runclubkauai@gmail.com 

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