The latest collector goal card release

The latest collector goal card release

 As part of our mission to inspire people to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN., we encourage the practice of writing down goals. Every online order includes a collector goal card featuring art inspired by people and goals connected to the Spirit of CAN.  

Chris Simpson's goal. Check it out.. 

Chris Simpson's goal

The art on this card depicts Chris Simpson, who we met a couple of years ago and began collaborating with him as an ambassador. He's well known for capturing some of the most epic POV images and video of getting barreled while body boarding. But, what really connected us to Chris is his story and the impact he's making on others by being strong minded and open to sharing his story and challenges. 

Defeating Can't Podcast with Chris

Chris Simpson Defeating Can't Podcast

Chris in the barrel

In his own words.. 

"I've been Clean and Sober from all mind and mood altering substances (even weed) for many of years now. For those of you who use to know me, knows how messed up I was, and how far I’ve got to where I’m at today. Here’s what I did to get there.
I checked myself into a two year treatment facility. My first day in treatment i took it seriously because I truly hit rock bottom. I asked God if you lead me in the right direction, I promise I will never use alcohol or drugs ever again. God has been guiding me in the right direction ever since. After completing treatment I lived in a clean and sober house for a few years, worked two jobs, continuously went to AA and NA meetings, and on my free time I made music and went bodyboarding. Years later here I am living in my own place, still working 2 jobs, and still keeping my promise with God. I keep a very small circle in which only positive people are allowed in. You won’t catch me hanging around people who use alcohol or drugs, yet alone catch me in high risk areas. It feels great to not be a slave to drugs and alcohol anymore. Living life on lifes terms without fleeing to any substance to escape reality. I would like to thank all my friends and family for supporting me in my recovery as well as God for granting me the strength to do so. I would also like to thank all my sponsors for the support towards my healthy plans of actions. The ocean is my alcohol, and music is my dope. For those of you who need help towards leaving alcoholism and drug use feel free to inbox me on my ig page @chris_simpson808 for advice, I promise to keep it confidential and I would be more than happy to become your sponsor. There’s always hope, always CAN."

Chris Simpson Goal


POV Chris Simpson

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