Summer Camp with Kauai Animal Education Center

Summer Camp with Kauai Animal Education Center

We recently stopped in for a tour led by summer campers at Kauai Animal Education Center.  @kaec16 The keiki campers taught us about the farm, rescuing animals, and invasive species.

Kauai Animal Education Center 2021 Summer Camp

And we dropped some of the basic Spirit of CAN. fundamentals.

Spirit of CAN. giveaway surprise at KAEC
1. Set goals and write them down

Spirit of CAN. goal card
2. Ask for help when “can’t” becomes too much

CAN. ask for help sticker
3. And never stop believing (under the the bill of their new caps:)

I believe under bill of CAN. cap
If you’re looking to empower your own Keiki and get them off their screens. Go get them involved with this amazing non-profit, led by the very amazing Wong Ohana.

Kauai Animal Education Center

KAEC CAN. collab art

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