Science of CAN. Camp (scheduled!)

Science of CAN. Camp (scheduled!)

The talent pool on the island of Kaua’i is next level. When you come from a community that uplifts you, your foundation to follow your dreams is a little steadier. The youth are our future and if we can provide some tools along their journey, we are all in.

Mission focused: This means mental wellness, stoke and knowing when to ask for help. We had a big goal of providing more of this in our community, especially in teens and young adults. This summer we are excited to perpetuate our mission and connect with six 9th and 10th graders. We are ready to announce the very first Science of CAN. camp here on Kaua’i and follow through with our goal.
CAN Mission

This camp is 100% free to the six participants and will take place over 4 days this summer, and each day they will be working with the CAN. team. They will be learning new ways to live life to the fullest and implement mental wellness. Alongside the focus of implementing a positive mindset, the campers will be designing a t-shirt. They will be blending creativity, design and technology to create a shirt that represents collaboration between Big Brothers Big Sisters Kauai and Spirit of CAN.

It will be in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sister Kaua’i. Their design will be worn by their supporters and mentors, and move throughout the community.

Science of CAN stuff

It all started when we wrote down the goal to bring the Science of CAN. to teens and young adults. We are thankful to bring this camp to Kaua’i and spend time with the future. This is possible with the help of our awesome customers, team and believing in the Spirit of CAN.

Stay tuned! More to come on this project and more like it in the pipeline! 

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