NirMānāFest Sponsor

NirMānāFest Sponsor

In October of 2020 Spirit of CAN. sponsored the first annual NirMānāFest mural festival on Kauai. The founder and executive director of the event is Spirit of CAN.'s very own Seth Womble. Also the host of the CANversation. 

From October 18th-24th (2020), teams of resident artists were assigned to different walls in Lihue, HI.  During that week artists worked together in teams of 3, to create murals and give "live-feed" interviews and talks. 

This event not only helped bring life to Lihue, it highlighted the creative talent, businesses and colorful nature of Kaua’i, while giving local artists and visitors something unique to look forward to. 

This mural festival is most unique as a collaborative mural event where multigenerational artists work together to help revitalize Kaua'i areas. As an annual event, the walls can be updated yearly, to keep fresh and exciting.  With growth, more walls, teams and communities will be added.  As the event continues to expand, it will include all types of artists, musicians, chefs, moviemakers, fashion and designers… etc… all things creative Kaua’i.

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  • Jeff Hailpern

    Pretty awesome guys and girls. Love the talent and creativeness. Keep the mana going.

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