New Collection Athlete Review

New Collection Athlete Review

I just got my hands on Spirit of CAN.’s new collection, and it is safe to say that this is some of their best work yet. I rallied up a few friends to also get their feedback on fit, functionality and design. Maddie is the only female lifeguard on the North Shore of Oahu. She is also a big wave surfer and can deadlift over 200 pounds. CJ is a very talented surfer and fisherman and has been in the water since he was a baby. I would call myself a waterwoman and Spirit of CAN. enthusiast. Here is some unbiased, real athlete feedback: 

Women’s Long Sleeve Rashguard: 

“As a lifeguard, I am always in the sun. So, having something that is UPF50 sun protection is essential to my performance. I like the sleeve pattern and stretch on this rash guard as well. It’s a great fit and great design.” -Maddie 

CAN. Performance Hoodie: 

Performance hoodie

All of us can agree that this is the perfect hoodie for the summer. It is lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking. Whether you are running on the beach or fishing on the shore, this hoodie is the perfect protection from the elements. The zipper pocket on the shoulder is really convenient for keeping your keys or sunscreen secured while you’re on the go. 

Tropical Tie-dye 19” Boardshort: 

CAN. Tropical Board shorts

“As a surfer, having a good pair of boardshorts is the difference between a good or bad session. I really like the sleek zipper pocket, it's great for keeping my keys or a stick of wax secure while I’m surfing. The four-way stretch fabric makes them really nice to move around in and I think the design is pretty rad.” -CJ 

Women’s Long Sleeve Rashguard Black:

Womens Rashguard

“I love the quality of this rashguard. It is great while surfing, teaching surf lessons or doing some ocean workouts. It matches any swimsuit, and it meets all my needs in the water. I like that the material is super soft and never gives me a rash under my arms like other rashguards.” -Kaya  

Vertical Color Stripe Beach Shorts: 

Stripe CAN Shorts

“My first thought on these shorts is: “wow, they’re cute” and then I felt how soft they were. I could practically live in these shorts. I put them to the test on an evening run, and they were great. The drawstring is perfect for making them stay in place and there are no pockets that shift around while running. I also really like that they are 100% cotton and have a nice pop of color.” -Kaya  

Vertical Stripe Pull On Shorts: 

Multi color stripe shorts CAN.

“I am constantly getting in and out of the ocean all day, so having clothes that are easy to wear is highly important for me. It makes it a lot easier if the clothes are cute too! These are definitely my new favorite beach shorts, and they are also easy to dress up after work with a cute top.” - Maddie 

Poipu Beach Hoodie: 

Poipu beach hoodie

This hoodie was another group favorite. We all loved the lightweight fabric and the double drawstring. Maddie really liked the lifeguard tower design of the period, and we all liked the waves and stars. Kaya loves the inspiration of Poipu beach for this hoodie. 

Gear Terry Hoodie: 

Gear Hoodie

“Even in the summer, the early mornings can be a little chilly in Hawaii. I’m excited to have this hoodie for those moments. I really like the message of the gear and Napali coast line on the back. This is definitely my new everyday hoodie.” -Kaya 

Kaya Waldman CAN bloggerIn frame: Kaya Waldman (Spirit of CAN. sponsored rider and blogger)

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