Pride Parade Kauai Sponsor

Pride Parade Kauai Sponsor

Spirit of CAN. was a sponsor of the 2021 Kauai Pride Parade. It was an honor to take part and support our amazing LGBTQ community. The event was altered this year because of the pandemic. But lucky for us we have an incredibly resilient Kauai Pride Parade Committee lead by Matthew Houck (in frame below with Andy from CAN.)

Pride Parade Kauai Executive Director Matty

Kauai Pride Parade promotes & celebrates peace, acceptance, and unity for everyone on our island regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or background. 

Instead of having floats make their way up Rice Street from Vidinha Stadium to the Historic County Building, this year Rice Street was closed - but had floats stationary along Rice St (distanced apart) and we had one lane of traffic open for a "drive-through" experience. (also incorporating music, entertainment & live art!) It was totally awesome!

The first 500 cars received a gift bag including a CAN. Rainbow Sticker. 

 CAN Rainbow Sticker

We decided to bring our giant CAN. sign and incorporate our Taiko Drum Period concept. With the help of musician Jordan Paul and Tsunmai Taiko from Waimea, the concept came to life. It's not a question for us, the LGBTQ community CAN Period/ Full Stop. 

Taiko drum LGBTQ

To bring the concept to life, we had Spirit of CAN. artist and contributor Seth Womble stop in for quick and beautiful paint job. 

 Andy followed up by securing the sign to the taiko drum stands. Sometimes known as CANdy. And very rarely handy. 

 Our participation was also a collaboration with our amazing retail partner Deja Vu Surf Hawaii. Jen Tasake and Sara Miura brought in an amazing team with an incredible decorative stationary float! We have to admit our huddle prior to the event had some emotion. Doing good and giving back is not a pass time or box these guys just check.. They live and believe in what they do for their community! 

Deja Vu Surf Hawaii in collaboration with CAN Pride Parade

It was a beautiful day to celebrate our LGBTQ community and come TOGETHER! The video does not do the thundering taiko drums justice... But just know that they were badass! Thanks to these amazing Tsunami Taiko artists who volunteered their time. Please be sure to check them out on Kauai. 



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