Kauai Pride Parade

Kauai Pride Parade
Pride sticker LGBTQ CAN

Kaua’i Pride Parade promotes & celebrates peace, acceptance, and unity for everyone on our island regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or background. Our first annual pride parade and festival was held in June 2019.

The annual parade was held again on Saturday June 4th 2022

Again this year we joined Deja Vu Surf Shop(s) to sponsor and support the pride parade on Kaua‘i. A special thanks to Jenny and her team from Deja Vu Surf for all their decorations and spirit. Another example of why we’re so proud to have CAN. apparel represented in their stores. 

To learn more about the parade and organizers. Check out Pride Parade and also this story.



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