Kauai High Senior Class Kick-Off

Kauai High Senior Class Kick-Off

Spirit of CAN. was asked to help kickoff the school year for 2023 Senior Class. The welcome back event was on the first day of school and included: art, music, dance, games, da band and our minor spot. To level up to the hype of the day we brought in local legend and social media star - @jonnytsunami808_ .

Kauai High 2023 senior class kick-off

Andy Bestwick, CAN., Student Body President, Emma Burgess, Johnny Benitez

We talked about Spirit of CAN. concepts and what we're focused on. Johnny told his epic story of surviving an auto accident to become a super successful entertainer. We hoped to not only entertain, but provide some hope and also ask that they look out for each other as the embarked on their senior year. To stoke them out, we donated lanyards for the entire senior class. 

We also created a custom CAN. sticker for the 2023 class. We dropped off 300 FREE stickers just a couple weeks after the event. It was an honor to help kick off their year and we wanted to create something exclusive and special for them. We are stoked to see how they do this year and what the future will bring for all them and our community. We certainly need their talents and courage to guide and support Kauai in the years to come. 

 Just a few of the 2023 HAMMAH's

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