Empowering Education: A Day of Inspiration and Learning at Elbert Edwards Elementary"

Empowering Education: A Day of Inspiration and Learning at Elbert Edwards Elementary

Matt Shackley, also known as the Science of CAN. professor, and I (Andy Bestwick) recently had the pleasure of spending a day at Elbert Edwards Elementary School in Las Vegas, NV. They reached out to us to kickstart their 2024 school year. Principal Emily Petosa discovered us online and noticed our previous work in education, particularly at Spring Valley High School.
We crafted customized Spirit of CAN. shirts and designed vision/goal cards. Additionally, we created a program to share our ongoing work with the Science of CAN. our collection of positive psychology concepts and curriculum aimed at supporting educators and students. Principal Emily Petosa provided us with insightful information about Edwards beforehand.

Edwards apparel
Our day commenced with a unique activity: the red solo cups game, our rendition of beer pong. A game we originally shared with students on Kaua'i. The cups were arranged in various groupings - large, medium, and small. Unbeknownst to them, these cups symbolized people in their support system. The smaller groupings, challenging to score points in the game, served as a metaphor for life's opportunities to connect and seek assistance. We delved into the significance of networks for children and emphasized their crucial role in everyone's success. Matt shared anecdotal research highlighting the paramount importance of robust social relationships in achieving enduring happiness, as stated by numerous researchers. Happiness often thrives among those who invest considerable time in their family, friends, and colleagues, cherishing and nurturing these relationships.

Matt describing red solo cup CAN. game

Subsequently, I discussed the inception of the CAN. brand and our endeavors regarding the Science of CAN. concepts in schools, expressing my vision for further involvement in education.

Andy presenting the brand story

Our day concluded with a more challenging activity: The Tower of Hanoi, a classic game testing logical thinking and sequential reasoning. The rules were clear: only one disc could be moved at a time, and larger discs couldn't be stacked over smaller ones. This game, daunting at first, taught the value of gaining confidence through failure and repetition. As one grapples with initial setbacks, learning to break down problems and master patterns fosters confidence. Matt humorously illustrated my surfing journey as a 'kook' (a term explained to the audience), highlighting that a kook is essentially a beginner and risk-taker. Escaping the 'kook' phase demands embracing failure and vulnerability, traits often missing in adulthood.

We believe our time at Edwards was a success and hope the dedicated staff enjoyed their first day back at work. We were thoroughly impressed by their remarkable commitment to the student body at Edwards Elementary. If you want to learn more about what we’re working on and opportunities to partner, please reach out to us at info@spiritofcan.com

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