CANtopus Mural on Kauai

CANtopus Mural on Kauai

Several months ago I got to meet local artist Seth Womble, after running into him on social media. He's an amazing Kauai artist with a passion for supporting community and teaching kids about art.  We met for pau hana drinks to just learn about each others's work and passions. Right away I realized that Seth is not only an amazing artist, but a true positive mentor and leader for Kauai artists and businesses. Creative Director is in his title, and that’s just truth!  Unselfishly he only wanted to talk about Spirit of CAN. and what we are trying to accomplish. I got to express my vision for inspiring the community and our own goals of leveraging art to tell our story. Specifically, I mentioned my dream of having a mural including CAN. go up on Kauai somewhere. This was a goal/dream I didn't envision happening anytime soon. I figured finding a building, and then coming up with funds and concept would all take a lot of time. Seth just told me "it will happen", without any hesitation.  Sure enough, a few weeks later, Seth asks to meet to discuss doing a mural with another awesome local artist Trycen Kaneshige. Our part in the collaboration, was actually very minimal...  We made a small donation for supplies. We also discussed the vision of the art and how to incorporate CAN.


Because CAN. is a mindset, an octopus became the focus of the design. An octopus or "taco" has a brilliant mind with tons of resilience built in. We've been telling the story of how to meet your most basic human needs and then level up to your purpose or what we like to call "CAN.".  So, on the brain of the octopus is  CAN. They added word bubbles of basic human needs just above it; health, safety, love, stoke, and of course ALOHA.  It's our message to Kauai and just across the street from the Kauai County Building (Kiibo Restaurant), it's also a message to our leaders.  All of us our chasing our most basic needs, in order to live a life of purpose (CAN.), to pursue personal greatness (ALOHA in this example), and then include others on our journey!  Just like this beautiful and resilient creature, we have the ability to overcome "can't", and the trauma/drama that comes with chasing our basic needs. But, to accomplish this we'll have to do it together, KOKUA. We'll also have to commit to always asking for help when we need it! 

A huge special MAHALO to the owners of Kiibo Restaurant, who graciously allowed us to put this mural on their building.  Also, special thanks to coffee truck Rainbeau Jo's for their stoke and support throughout the project (truck is onsite of the mural:) And always to our Spirit of CAN. MC - Pohaku 



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