CAN. Love

Can Love

If can, can..?  We say  on the topic of Love.

Spirit of CAN. stands with the LGBTQ community and everyone who's about equality, being non judgmental, and loving their fellow human-beings.  In our minds it's about love for all humans regardless of: gender, sexual orientation, ability to love, religion, ethnicity, shape, uniqueness, geography (east side / west side) their ability to deliver Aloha, the space invaders, even love those anxious tourists making their best effort to shake off the mainland:)  A Human's default setting is LOVE, PERIOD.  It's our job to deliver it and accept it:)  None of us are perfect at "love", but let's make it our goal to lead with it!  With all the distraction and hate in the world, it's hard to slow down and connect..  Our younger generations are a great examples of finding themselves in other peoples slippas, long before fear and judgment takes over.  Let's find the great examples and then become them. Don't let others influence your view the people and the world around you.  It's just another beautiful human standing before you, don't hesitate, CAN. LOVE!  Push all negative thoughts aside and connect based on love.       

Rep a  Love shirt and trigger love everywhere you go:)



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