Taniguchi Ohana CAN.

Taniguchi Ohana CAN.

The Taniguchi Ohana on Kauai, Hawaii have had our backs since early days of launching the brand out of our garage in Koloa Town on the south shore of Kauai. Generations of the family have adopted the brand, shared and contributed to our core values, and they consistently represent the brand in sport and family gatherings.

Taniguchi Kauai Ohana

I met Makani Taniguchi through Leadership Kauai. It was early 2017 and I had just launched the brand. Leadership Kauai helped me establish a foundation of confidence and direction to level up personally and professionally. We soon discovered we both lived in Koloa and literally across the street from each other.

Leadership kauai

Pau hana food and drinks is a regular occurrence now. We share stories and battles from work and life. I talk about "asking for help"often as a part of our mission. We’ll, these guys deliver it unconditionally. Pure aloha.. We talk story for hours sometimes.. They let me ideate and dream up new collabs, plans, and designs. Earning the nickname “choke thoughts” and plenty of other hilarious nicknames...

And when it comes to designs and apparel they always ensure we have an optimal amount of CAMO in our collection. If you're one of our customers who loves the Kauai hunting / camo infused colors and designs, thank these guys. The number one question I get when any new gear is coming out, "does it come in camouflage"? If not, "cancel it" ha ha.


They'll always make sure we don't stray too far from our Kauai roots in life and design.



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