Kaya's Big Wave Season and Winter Season Top Picks

Kaya's Big Wave Season and Winter Season Top Picks

Winter is not over yet, but it sure has been an amazing season for the big wave community. Our CAN. ambassador, Kaya Waldman has an update for us.

Kaya Waldman CAN. surfer

Leading up to each big wave season (in Hawaii, it’s the months of November-March,) there is a lot of training and preparation that goes into it. Besides surfing, these athletes spend time doing various workouts, swimming, breath training and making sure they have the right gear. It's all so they're prepared to ride GIANTS, waves that are 20 feet or more is what defines a big wave surfing.

Spirit of CAN. was able to work with Kaya in sponsoring her impact vest. An impact vest is kind of like a life jacket that floats the surfer up when they are underwater. The vest has helped her in countless wipeouts and accompanied her on some of the best rides of her life.

On January 22nd, the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational took place at Waimea Bay for the 10th time ever. In order to run this contest, the waves must be consistently 20ft (40ft faces). Kaya was able to witness this event live from the beach and watch her hero's surf. It was the biggest waves she had ever seen. The Spirit of CAN. was in full effect in the water and on the beach. Over 40,000 people came out to watch this historic event. Congratulations to north shore Oahu’s very own lifeguard, Luke Shepardson on his incredible win!

Kaya RedBull Magnitude

Red Bull Magnitude, an all-female digital big wave contest is coming to an end for the winter season. This was Kaya’s third year competing in the event. They had three swells this year, and each brought amazing waves and challenges as well. One of her biggest achievements this season was “defeating can’t” in moments of doubt. (Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts launching soon!) She is thankful for the waves and lessons she has learned along the way.


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