What's the giant period at the end of CAN all about? 


It’s simple.  By definition a period is always used at the end of a sentence or statement, " It implies finality.  There can be no discussion or questioning" (ell.stackexchange.com).  At Spirit of CAN. we decided the period was so important it needed to be gigantic.

 We see the period as the "stamp" on your commitment to seeing through your goals, passion and mission.  Whatever your "CAN" is, it has to have the giant PERIOD!  We hope people will follow through on their personal dreams and by reppin CAN. inspire others to join in.  

Can Cap_Hawaii

We're asking you, what’s your #CANPERIOD ?

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  Our CAN. is our mission - to inspire individuals to embrace their own inner Spirit of CAN. while supporting mental wellness organizations who are dedicated to education, removal of stigma, access to care, and those perpetuating maximum STOKAGE!  It’s about connecting with your passion and charging all out for YOU! And when you have setbacks, trauma, or “no can” in your life, we want to see people asking for help.  Stay open to connecting with family, friends, and professionals when you need some support.  Don’t be afraid to share your struggles with people you trust.  And don’t be afraid to share your dreams and personal goals too.  We want peoples stoke to remain strong.

 As part of CAN.’s start-up journey, we have relied on many friends and family members, for advice and confidence to take these risks.  You have to have courage to express your CAN. passion, before it becomes a reality.  We’ll continue to rely on our closest friends, family, and customers stay stoked. 

Please email us with suggestions or the story of your CAN. info@spiritofcan.com 


Spirit of Can - Hawaii

This photo is of one of my best friends Billy O'Sullivan shoving me out of the RAGNAR relay trail running shute on Oahu last year.  When I told him about CAN. and my vision, he did the same thing, he shoved me out into the world and gave me the confidence to chase my personal dreams.  Forever grateful to people like him and other friends and family.  Take a risk and make your statement with conviction and put a giant "period" on the end of it.  

As a awesome side note, with CAN. proudly on our jersey's we won RAGNAR Trail North Shore race on Oahu. April 2017

Ragnar Trail - Can Hawaii


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