Kapa'a Skate Park Bringing Good Vibes

Kapa'a Skate Park Bringing Good Vibes

 Sometimes you just have to go for it. That is exactly what I learned in a recent trip down to the Kapa’a skatepark. As someone who knows nothing about skateboarding, seeing people fly over concrete with a piece of wood is pretty mind blowing. What stood out even more was the camaraderie of all the skaters. 

Two friends helping each other go for it. 

Since the birth of the new and improved skate park, a modern day skate renaissance has taken place in Kapa’a town. The old park was pretty run down and dangerous. Kids of all ages and adults come together to pursue their passions and support each other in the process. Kapa’a Middle School is right up the hill and as soon as you hear the school bell ring, kids are rolling down the hill straight to the ramp. I am grateful to all of the individuals who supported and helped to rebuild this awesome park.

This has become a safe haven for kids to come and truly be kids. There is a mutual respect between the skaters that is beautiful to witness. They all watch each other and set their lines to not interfere and crash. They take turns and even do synchronized skating runs. They also will take turns filming each other and help each other improve. 


Devon, one of the youngest at the park.

There is a huge amount of talent at this skatepark. Constant innovation is taking place, and there is no end in sight. The talent isn’t only limited to skate boarders. Sharing the ramps are BMX riders, roller skaters and scooters. No matter the type of wheels, the stoke and respect the skate park goers have is unreal.


Ayana focused and fearless, rollerblading in a world of her own. 

Ayana, only nine years old, has been skating for four months now. She is fearless going down the tall ramps backwards and doing things I didn’t even know were possible on roller skates. She has impressive moves and does it all with duct tape holding her skates together. The coolest thing about her style is she does it all with a smile. Her sweet moves are a reflection of her spirit.  

Cash Olson flying with precise movements.

It was very hard to not watch this young skater. No matter how crazy the trick, his face remained calm and his precision was unmatched. The day I was there also happened to be his 13th birthday. His birthday present was to skip school and dawn patrol at the skatepark so it would be uncrowded. From 5:30am to dark, Cash skated. He even had a birthday party all in between these awesome moves. 

The Spirit of CAN. is alive and well here at the Kapa’a skatepark. It is comforting to know how much fun these kids are having in a time where the world is so uncertain. Still, the fact that they are flying on concrete is a little unsettling, it inspires me to go for it. I want to keep reaching for my goals and having fun just like these kids.

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