Halloween at Kauai Animal Education Center

Halloween at Kauai Animal Education Center

Treats for kids and FREE shirts for moms, aunties, grandmas, and big sisters.

We were invited to a COVID-19 safe family event at Kauai Animal Education Center. KAEC is nonprofit farm on Kauai dedicated to rescuing native Hawaiian and farm animals to help educate and enhance the lives of at risk youth, inmates, and actually just all of us. For Halloween they decided to open up the farm for FREE to the community. Since they invited us to have a booth and contribute, we really wanted to match their generosity.

So, we decided to giveaway shirts to every mom, auntie, grandma, and big sister etc. The wahine unsung hero’s who are holding our hands through some of the most challenging times we’ll ever know. It was pretty cool to greet families coming to our booth with “treats for kids and shirts for mom etc.” The responses we’re beautiful.. “seriously” “for free” “we didn’t expect this” “mahalo” 

We ended up giving away an estimated 125 shirts!

Keola Wong

We’re so grateful to the Wong Ohana (directors of the non-profit) for all their dedication to the KAEC mission and giving back to the community of Kauai.
We’ll continue partnering with these awesome guys on projects and events in the future. 

They're open to the public. So please book a tour and learn all about the amazing things they're doing! - Kauai Animal Education Center 

Mahalo to Pohaku  and Gracie for repping CAN. with me in the booth all day! 


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