“Live the experiences and love the lessons as they are your own two hands.” - Pohaku

“Live the experiences and love the lessons as they are your own two hands.” - Pohaku

CAN. In portugal
Its was an awesome trip to say the least. As I lay in bed recovering from ultimate jet lag I'm gonna recap the whole trip and also my run in the 2022 Sintra Pro bodyboarding competition in Portugal Sept 5th-12th.

36 hrs of flying will make you so tired you cant even eat. We, my girlfriend Olivia and I, got to Portugal on Sept 1st got the rental car and went straight to Guicho Wyra House Hostel where we stayed till the 4th. We also meet up with one of our fellow Hawaii competitors Brady Thomas there. Settled in and with out eating we went straight to sleep for 11 hrs.

After a few days n nights of exploring the town and castles, pictured above, it was contest time. So we moved from Guicho Wyra House to Pipeline Restaurant Air BNB.

Day 1
The contest was packed with people and the waves about 4-6 feet and messy, looking like big Kealia. The contest started the first rounds of Mens pro about 8 am and I was in round 4 heat 3. It was about 2pm when I finally hit the water for my heat. I’m gonna be honest, it was not easy to rest, I was way to anxious. This contest I was stuck paddling for 10 minutes and my heat didn’t even start yet, but I pushed through and made it out just as the heat started. Unfortunately between the bad wave selection and relentless duck diving paddle outs, I ended up getting 3rd in the heat. Lesson learned!

Day 2
The contest ran more heats for the mens pro division so I didn’t have to surf, so I rested the whole day knowing that day 3 was going to be the next time i had to surf in the DropKnee division.

Day 3
The 24th heat of the day was round 2 of the DropKnee division. Once again the waves and paddle out was going to be hard. Throughout the heat I took the lessons i learned from my mens pro heat and paddled out earlier. Also my wave selection was based on how long the ride would be vs a one maneuver waves. I placed 1st in that heat and went on to the next round and the next day.

Day 4
Rounds 3 & 4, the waves were way more manageable with small waves and longer periods so the paddle out was easier. But my heat was pushed to a later time because of a huge fog bank that rolled in for a few hours of the morning. So, I took advantage with a 2 hr nap and then got ready for my heat. I was able to advance in both heats in second place, so I guess you can say the nap helped. Super stoked to make it to round 5 were I would meet up with the higher seeded riders in a non elimination round. Non elimination means no one loses, 1st & 2nd places go to round 7 and 3rd & 4th places go to round 6.

5 Rounds 5, 6, & 7. Big names in the water, like Hawaii’s David Hubbard, Kawika Kamai, and even Canary Islands legend Amaury Lavern to say the least. Round 5 for me did not go as I planned. Stuck on the inside for at least half the heat I placed 3rd by 1 point sending me to round 6, Kawika taking 1st and a leap into round 7.

So, I fought it out in round 6 against another Hawaii rider Ezra Hill and a Canary Island rider Angelo Fareia. An awesome battle of DropKnee Turns and floaters placing me in 2nd and Angelo in 1st, knocking out Ezra Hill.

Now, for round 7, it was an all Hawaii heat with Kellen Yamasaki and again Kawika Kamai. I compete with these two riders in all the hawaii contest so I knew it was going to be a good but intense battle between the boys. I was in 3rd most of the heat needing an easy score. With a decreasing swell and high tide, I had really bad wave selection and was not able to get the score I needed to advance to the quarter finals. Again lessons learned and Kawika and Kellen did what they needed to do and knocked me out of the competition.

So pumped on the experiences and many lessons learned, “never losing always gaining”. Id like to congratulate all the Hawaii crew for a job well done! Next year we will go back smarter and stronger, ready for the new and old challenges we might face.

Nevertheless I am going to rest up, get rid of this jet lag action and get back on the training horse.  Hard work and dedication will take you anywhere you truly want to be.

A quote I just made
“Live the experiences and love the lessons as they are your own two hands.” Braddah Hatu

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